PHILIPS LED W21/5W T20 7443 Intense RED Super Bright 11066ULWX2 - 2 bulbs

Style up your drive with LED

The bright, long-lasting LED upgrade for your car.

With the Philips W21/5 LED lamp, give your car an exclusive LED look with intense red

light. Its retrofit socket makes it an easy upgrade solution for impressive LED style. Extra

long lifetime and superior light performance guaranteed.


Ultra-bright LED for unique signature and style

• 70lm of limitless LED power

• Intense red light

Excellent beam performance

• Optimized light emission with MirrorFlux technology

Faster response than standard incandescent lamps

• Faster response time and longer light beam

• Outstanding robustness, resistance and reliability

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Standard LED solutions on the market generally start with a high initial light emission, but dim strongly within the first minute due to their poor thermal design. Philips LEDs provide a stable light output of 70lm, thanks to their superior thermal management.

Faster response & longer beam

Philips LED stop & tail light illuminates faster, giving + 9 metres extra stopping distance to the vehicle behind (at 115 km/h).

Optimized light emission

Light emission optimized for usage in stop & tail reflectors, thanks to advanced MirrorFlux technology, which emits light to the back of reflector to maximize optical focus and beam shaping.

Outstanding robustness

Innovative design with enhanced resistance to shocks and vibrations – so tough you could virtually run a car over it!

The intense red LED with its high lumen output creates significantly more impressive red light in stop & tail applications compared to a standard halogen bulb, perfectly suitable for both red and white optics.


Electrical characteristics

•Voltage: 12 V

•Wattage: 1.9 W


•Life time: STOP — 2000 h, TAIL — 10000h

Marketing specifications12-2

•Expected benefits: Style

•Product highlight: Bright LEDs

Ordering information

•Order entry: 11066ULRX2

•Ordering code: 39427630

Packaging Data

•EAN1: 8727900394276

•EAN3: 8727900394283

Product description

•Application: Stop light

•Base: W3x16d

•Designation: W21/5 LED red 11066ULRX2 12V B1

•Range: Vision

•Technology: LED

•Type: W21/5

Packed product information

•Pack Quantity / MOQ: 2      

PHILIPS W21/5W LED T20 7443 Intense RED 11066ULRX2 W3x16d 12V box of 2

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  • Product Code: PH-T20-11066ULR
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