What's difference between AC vs DC Ballasts, 35W vs 55W Ballasts

Both types of ballasts take the DC power from vehicles and power the HID bulbs for light. The difference in these ballasts is in the type of electricity being outputted to the HID bulb. AC ballasts output AC power, while DC ballasts output DC power. With AC ballasts, you can expect longer life in both bulbs and ballasts. Aside from that, AC ballast systems are brighter than DC ballast systems. With competition becoming so fierce in this industry, many manufacturers have given into DC ballast technology in order to lower their prices. Unlike our competitors, we still insist on AC ballasts to ensure proper life span, and most importantly, maximum light output!

When discussions occur about maximum light output with regards to Xenon HID systems, 55W ballasts become the hot topic. 55W ballasts truly provide more light output for the drivers (about 40% more), but the trade offs are too large to make this product pratical. The largest downfall to this product is its short lifespan. Most 55W HID users will admit that they replace their bulbs at least once per year (some as quickly as each month).One of the main reasons it fails in such a short period is because the bulb itself 'burns' much hotter than a regular 35W HID bulb. This extra heat may cause issues for those with plastic lenses, projector lights, etc. Some people use the 55W ballasts to overcome the light out warning indicators on higher end vehicles, but this is not a guaranteed solution. In fact, most new vehicles with light out warning indicators will still produce error codes with 55W ballasts!